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I FORGOT My own name

Seriously, I got so stressed out this week that I literally forgot my own name. I was not amused then and I'm not amused now. My expenses are getting higher and my income is getting lower. I can not manage to keep enough time free to work or to figure out my savings plan. I did figure out one thing however.

My Rodeo can be junked instead of fixing it or trading it. It won't be that much but that money can be used to go toward the move. That takes care of the new light deposit with the city and possibly a crate for the dog to travel in and stay in over night. He is a good dog if not an expensive one. Although $10 a year for Rabis shots is not that bad at all. Three animals means $30 a year for them. That's not bad at all. I can use that figure to redo the budget entirely for the year.

Rent is going to be a strange adjustment after all these years. The last time I paid rent was approximately two years before my five year old was born. That's been about seven years ago I think.  Weekly rate hotels, a portion of the rent to live with friends. Little things like that because I was trying to make a living away from here because my options had been exhausted here or so I thought.

The lowest rental amount that I have seen so far is $200 a month. That's lower than monthly light bill right now. That's $2400 a year. I could have saved that a month back when I made decent money instead of just covering expenses. The order of things is simple, get the money to move. Reopen my savings account to have a place to put the money while I wait for all of it and somewhere that we can all go easily. I may have to go with a one bedroom and section off the living room. Although I found a 2 BR house for less than the one bedrooms.

Too much over $200 and we'll experience a large problem. I have the idea that I can actually make the bills provided I cut out some expenses. I have to get some sugar since we're all out. The animals need food. OK it's time to finish up so I can do more budgeting, planning and packing.

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