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Decisions and Savings

The decision comes in the form of whether or not to give the short kid's dog away. He can have a home with a farmer, and go hunting with them. He'd have more attention and a more active lifestyle than he does now. The hard part? The kid's attached to him, she doesn't mind that he's destructive. I don't really mind either, it's not his fault he's hyper.

Johnny, my how he's grown.

The outcome, Johnny stays put. He's a good dog, he protects his home and his short kid. He would be almost due for the annual vet checkup and be in need of both pen and dog house. He has weathered the storms without complaint and is well aware that no matter how badly he behaves he is loved. Moving will have to accommodate him. (Yes, it is the final dream that I will not give up on.)

I was curious after my savings post to check my change jar. The pennies in it 7 days into the new year? $1.41. That's nowhere near enough to make a deposit, yet. The good news is that the jar is only layered at the bottom so there is room for a large bit of change to be added. The silver will not begin being added until the change gets past the first indention on the jar. This is because my original plan of pennies only is not going to cut it to reach my goals.

The idea of writing myself a check for the difference of purchases made with debit cards is one that I had never had occur to me until I read this series, and I'm starting to wonder if I have the sense of mind to do it. I went through what had posted to my bank account so far. The total in the difference was $1.99.

I realized I still haven't paid my phone bill, and the plan that I prefer because it meets all my basic needs come to $33.70 with tax. That leaves 30 cents. So $2.29 if I go ahead and put it back on my regular plan then I have that much I can save (in theory) this month. I'm not fond of taking money out for the phone bill, but I will as soon as I investigate the alternatives to the plans. I'm thinking a lower minute plan, and a texting package would be better for my needs.

Well, it's time to go for the day. I have work to do and a short kid to take care of.


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