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The statue was becoming discolored from the rain, green and blue blotches were everywhere. Frustration was taking its toll on the artist as he tried to match the original color with only an ounce left in the can. The feedback on the original concept had been mixed at best and now the rains had left him with a disaster threatening his career.

What is the statue of? Why is the discoloration causing the creator so much concern?

The word is Left, and this flash comes in at 62 of 75 word limit. Go over to M3 for the official rules and this quarters words for Finding the Path.

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Gail Thornton said…
I think the statue is a famous person, which is why it is causing him so much concern. It is due for unveiling and is ruined by the rain. If he doesn't fix it, it will ruin his career.

Great flash, Laurie!
Laurie Beall said…
Thanks! Brilliant, a ruined career from rain, amazing!
Red said…
It is going to be a representation of a new corporate logo to go outside the brand new multi-billion dollar office facility in part of a revitalization of a company trying to bounce back from the economic downturn. He promised them a Louvre-quality statue to justify his fee and provide a new image for the company.

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