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Flash Fiction: Obsessed

The calls were non-stop for weeks. He wanted to know when she was coming home; he missed his little girl. That was what he said at least, but the receipts in her inbox told another story. The ammo was a red flag but instead of paying attention to it she simply hit the archive button.

She clearly remembering his telling her the only way out of the marriage was death. He made it clear he intended that the “til death do us part” portion of the wedding vows would be kept no matter what. He didn’t love her; she had a quality that led him like the men before him to become obsessed with making her a possession.

If he doesn't love her why not just let her go? Why did he buy the ammo? What is it about her that makes men what to turn her into a possession?

Today's post is inspired by the M3 blog's flash fiction challenge and comes in at 118 of the 150 word upper limit.


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