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Flash Fiction: Irrational

The old house had to be up to code in less than a week. The wiring was fried, and the walls were crumbling. Demolition seemed to be the only answer but the irrational woman that had hired him insisted that it had to be fixed. It seemed she had a strange attachment to this pile of rotting lumber.

The week passed and the house was no where near ready. She came in slamming doors leaving piles of rubble in her wake as the fragile walls gave way. Cracks in the foundation widened as she continued the tirade until the ceiling came down on her. In the mist of dust and debris someone heard a fading whimper as she expired with the house she loved so.

Why is she so insistent that the house be fixed instead of simply demolishing it and starting over? Is it fitting that her end came with the end of the house?

The word is irrational and this post comes in at 125 of the 150 word limit. Vist M3 for official rules and word list. Visit Redmund Productions to pick up the serious and remember the first edition of the ebook is free in the book bin.


Andro Vids said…
I guess letting go of something that was so precious to her was just
too much, and in the end she paid a much higher price than she anticipated.

Another fine flash Laurie :)

Andro xx
Laurie Beall said…
Sometimes the price is far too high.
Red said…
Sometimes, going with the thing we love is the only way.
Laurie Beall said…
You're right, it is.

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