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Sunday Evening Ramblings

The day to day is often boring as it can be when we do not look past the things immediately in front of us. Recently I discovered that this is what I had been doing and I’m tired of it. There have been a lot of changes recently, all good though confusing at times.

I have uprooted my child, and unitentionally gotten rid of nearly everything that I own. In the end it was a drastic change but I can replace all of it. Now the question becomes how much of it do I actually need/want to replace. I am setting into a new normalcy that is far more normal than I have been used to in recent years.

It is a rather nice change. The quarters are smaller than I am accustomed but even that is a good thing. The paperwork will be filed soon, and my largest headache will be designated to a small corner where I am no longer bothered by anything that it does.

Have a pleasant afternoon.


Andro Vids said…
Material things are of no importance when stacked against the real
meaning of life, it will take time to adjust but what a feeling of positivity
it must be to finally push the boundaries and start over afresh.

Well done Laurie and I wish
you well in your new surroundings :)

Andro xx
Laurie Beall said…
Yes, they are of no importance against the actual, real meaning of life. Thank you for reminding me.

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