Friday, August 15, 2014

Drama is Not Limited to the Stage

There was a time when we thought of drama as something that was limited to stage and screen. We were children, as adults we learn that drama is not only in the real world but there are those that create it out of boredom it seems.

The thoughts of neighbors helping neighbors is one that is often unheard of today. It seems there are often strings attached that are not exposed until everything is said and done. It is rather fucking stupid disturbing to see someone do something that was thought to be a nice gesture to later discover it was merely something they expected something in return for. 

Loans are traditionally repaid however they are also traditionally made clear they are loans that require repayment upfront. Otherwise it is a gift but there are those that decide after the fact that it is a loan. This would make them not worth the time as they begin to spread rumors about those that thought they were doing them a kindness without expecting anything in return. 

The things that people do will never cease to amaze me. 

When you do something for people is a gift or something you expect to be repaid? Do you make your intentions clear before hand or do you wait until after the fact? What do you think about people that appear to be giving only to turn around and ask for something in return? 
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