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Merely an Observer

It seems that lately I am merely an observer in the world around me. I have nothing to do but sit back and watch, at least for right now. 

The neighbors are minding, or rather appear to be minding their own business but I know there is a small group acting as neighborhood watch. At least that's what they say they are doing, they are actually using keeping everyone safe as an excuse to ask fifty million questions. 

They mean well but I stay inside more and more now that everyone is out and about during the day. I wash my clothes in the evenings and at night. School starts back on Thursday and I will doing it in the mornings then. It will be easier to do the laundry every other morning than to keep up with it by trying to use the dryer.

I have to make additional trips if I use the dryer but by using just the washer and hanging the clothes I save a trip and use the same amount of time to hang the clothes that I would putting them in the dryer. I see others using the washer and dryer while they wonder about having change for the other loads. It's disturbing and reminds me of something in Moments, Money & Memories

I am working on another book and thinking about pulling the other WIPs I have out of the closet and getting back to work on them. It'll be interesting to see how things have changed during the last year and find out where I am with the ideas. Actually it'll be interesting to see if the views that were originally in the books have changed at all.

Do you observe? Have you seen those around you use security as an excuse to be busy bodies? Do you think that your views change with time or are they set in stone?

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