Monday, November 5, 2012

Changes in Hope of Simplicity

There are some changes in progress both in my life and for this blog. You will notice the addition of pages; these are still in progress as I attempt to get them organized. There is the possibility that they will be here today and vanish from sight temporarily as I realize something is not right with them. The goal is to provide pages with links to my other blogs, specifically to put all the posts pertaining to a specific topic in one place since I cannot integrate them into one without moving to a different blog hosting site. Right now that is not something I am ready, or have the patience to achieve.

I would be in the process of rearranging finances to dwindle down to the bare minimum in an effort to take care of various things long left neglected as I spent hours attempting to work with interruption after interruption often making it impossible to avoid working until the wee hours of the morning in order to meet a deadline. I would be cutting down on my working hours. The goal is to make the time spent working increasingly productive. I would love to spend more time with my child when she is at home, especially now since she is gone all day long.

I would be in the process of filling out applications, my income has to come up that’s all there is to it. This means that I have no choice but to dig through the last five years and locate all the relevant information to the search. I am organizing my days to include writing a book; it’s slow since I have two ideas fighting in my head. Do not be surprised if short stories should begin to appear here. I am going to try my hand at both fiction and non-fiction creations of my very own.

OK I have reading to do, paying articles and non-paying sample articles to write. All of them would need to be done ASAP. Off to figure out the day now.

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