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Changes in Hope of Simplicity

There are some changes in progress both in my life and for this blog. You will notice the addition of pages; these are still in progress as I attempt to get them organized. There is the possibility that they will be here today and vanish from sight temporarily as I realize something is not right with them. The goal is to provide pages with links to my other blogs, specifically to put all the posts pertaining to a specific topic in one place since I cannot integrate them into one without moving to a different blog hosting site. Right now that is not something I am ready, or have the patience to achieve.

I would be in the process of rearranging finances to dwindle down to the bare minimum in an effort to take care of various things long left neglected as I spent hours attempting to work with interruption after interruption often making it impossible to avoid working until the wee hours of the morning in order to meet a deadline. I would be cutting down on my working hours. The goal is to make the time spent working increasingly productive. I would love to spend more time with my child when she is at home, especially now since she is gone all day long.

I would be in the process of filling out applications, my income has to come up that’s all there is to it. This means that I have no choice but to dig through the last five years and locate all the relevant information to the search. I am organizing my days to include writing a book; it’s slow since I have two ideas fighting in my head. Do not be surprised if short stories should begin to appear here. I am going to try my hand at both fiction and non-fiction creations of my very own.

OK I have reading to do, paying articles and non-paying sample articles to write. All of them would need to be done ASAP. Off to figure out the day now.


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I can remember that I used to get excited about the holidays but that was a long time ago. I was a kid and family still enjoyed a home cooked meal made mostly from scratch. The thought of going out to eat or buying frozen dumplings never crossed anyone's mind. I miss those days more than anyone could ever imagine.

Now I prefer to spend the holidays alone with the daughter that I have with me. I'd love to spend it with both of them but that's not always possible. This year I'm taking my youngest to my mother's and hubby is going with his parents to their family. Someone is cooking, I have no idea who. All I know is that they're huggy people and I'm not.

Well, I'll be going now, I have nothing else to ramble about.

Working it out

I was attempting to figure out yet another crisis when I determined the entire thing was basically in my head. The idea of being able to work from home again was one I had all but given up on until I determined that it was and is the only way to ensure that I achieve everything I need to achieve in a given day. I found help to renter this world from a friend.

Achiements and Goals

The last year I managed to meet my biggest goal, one that was long overdue and obsessively planned. I moved home from Arkansas and left the stupidity surrounding me behind. Now I am focusing on the next set of goals, and finding that I no longer no where anything is in relation to the objective that I am searching to achieve. Things change in four years but not that much.
There are still animals in my orbit, or rather animals have returned to my orbit since they aren't ours. We get visits from the cat that lives downstairs, who promptly makes himself at home each and every time. Theresa worries about how well he is cared for while he is in our new home visiting.

There were a lot of goals set during the last year and looking back the largest of them was achieved; now it's time to move onto the next set of goals and reevaluation of the ones that weren't achieved to determine if they are worth continuing toward or if they require altering. Planning for them was obsessive, an…