Friday, July 12, 2013


The rain was relentless as it pounded the roof, and the buckets were filling faster than she could empty them. It wouldn’t be long before the need for sleep overtook her and she was fearful for her life.

The fear overtook her as she fought sleep. Exhaustion won and she fell forward into a bucket full of water.

Why is she taking shelter in a place with such a leaky roof? Does she live there? Would she have drown if she had simply laid down? Did falling into the bucket wake her or were the effects devastating?

The word is forward, this post comes in at 58 of the 75 word limit. Go over to M3 for the official rules and word list for the current Flash in the Pan challenge. The next book is Finding the Path. As usual the first ebook in the series is free in the Redmund Productions bookstore.

While you’re there check out the comics and take a look in the paperback book store for a special on the first three in the series. The month of July they are discounted as a set. Feel free to check out the books from the individual authors while you are there.

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