Sunday, July 7, 2013


This week has been rather tiring. Monday was speech and a shopping trip. A two hour trip with an autistic child, she did amazing. She helped to pick out the groceries or rather the fruit part of the groceries. She’s good at that.

She wanted Strawberries as her at home treat. She loves her fruit. I got some grapefruit. I decided to use it to try and make a citrus spray, apparently you boil the outside. I’ll have to see if it suits my purposes.

Well, I need to check the Flash in the Pan page over at M3 once again I would be participating in the challenge. Finding the path will be the fourth book. The first three paperbacks in the collection are on sale for $20 from Redmund Productions this month.

While you’re there you should check out the rest of the authors in the book.
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