Sunday, August 18, 2013

Flash in the Pan: Backward

Stella stumbled through the darkness holding her broken heels in her hand, grimacing at the pain in her feet from the cuts. Exhaustion could be felt in her bones, but she could not stop. The barking told her the dogs were getting closer.

The team of dogs would attack at the sight of her. It was their only job in this life, the trainer had done well. The woods were the one place she would never be able to hide they knew them backward and forwards.

Stella had learned a lot since leaving her privileged lifestyle behind. The shot knocked her backward onto the ground but the silence of the dogs was worth it.

Why is she running through the woods, in the dark in heels? Why are the dogs chasing her? Where did she find the gun?

The word is backward and this post comes in at 114 of the 150 word limit. Visit M3 to find out the official rules, and be including in Finding the Path. Remember the first edition is always free in the Redmund Pro free book bin.

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