Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Today is wordless Wednesday for everyone else, but for me it is wordy Wednesday. 

This week is only half over and already it is filled with stress. Monday we had speech and tomorrow we have speech; the 19th we go back to our regular after school once a week spot down from five days a week, four days a week and three with four every other week. It is also down from two spots a week. 

The kid has made amazing progress and now she allows her speech therapist to help her with her school work; it is worked into the speech session so that two things are cleared out with one session. We have learned you cannot argue with the short kid's logic because it is logical after all. 

Trying to get her to tell you the channel line-up for any given channel without it being on is met with "It's not on." Ask her for one of something, let two fall into your hand and she takes one back because you asked for one. She is literal how many you ask for is how many she counts out into your hand. 

School starts back the 19th. I will spend the next school year attempting to meet the goal of moving before the end of next summer. I have a lot to do and only a little bit of time to do it in. This is going to be a rather interesting year to see how this works out. 
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