Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A is for Anxiety

Yes, you read that right. A is for Anxiety. I have experienced a lot of it in recent years. It was not until a few short months ago that I realized there was a valid reason for it. What happened?

A friend persuaded me to go down to the local mental health clinic. It tuns out that I not only have panic disorder but PTSD. I am not crazy as some people would have had me believe through the years. I am reacting normally to life as it was thrown at me.

The irrational fears that have cropped up through the years were actually rational. I am now working to rid myself of the anxiety. A divorce will go a long way in the relief because as it turns out when I look back my nerves were the worse that they had been in almost a decade with the man that I left.

Things are going well now. There have been some changes since I left my husband that are making my nerves slightly better. The majority of the last six months were spent on a mountain top and I only drove once during that time. In the city I was fine, the ice on the interstate triggered my nerves. This is normal.

I am no longer fighting the anxiety, but embracing it. I take my medication as prescribed and even go out to the store to shop with the kid. The shopping is doing her a world of good. The other day the anxiety was reduced enough that I walked the single block from the court house to the park.

That is why A is for anxiety.  
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