Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Ramblings

This month is starting off rather strange. I managed to repay everyone from the move, and the apartment is rather well furnished at the moment. There is a place for us to sit and eat, watch television, sleep and even put our clothes away. At the moment we are being blessed so much that words cannot express the way that I feel.

We have been making friends, and adjusting to the changes that we made. The school is much better equipped to deal with the baby. She is refusing to do her work, and homework is a battle that is often lost but they are making changes so that it all gets done. School will be out soon, but I do not look forward to summer and falling out of a routine that is comforting for us.

We spend Wednesday and Sunday at the church and the baby is beginning to adjust. When they found out she had autism they began to make adjustments so that she would settle in easier.

All in all everything is falling into place slowly but surely.

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