Thursday, October 23, 2014

Wondering About Everything

 Lately I have been wondering about everything it seems. My counseling appointment has been rescheduled two weeks in a row now because the driver is out. Hopefully the next one will not be, this post might be a bit long. 

I wonder how long I can drink things that are calorie free to eliminate the fact that the majority of my calories are from fluids. I buy bottled water because the water out of the tap is horrible, and flavor packets to put in it. Only five calories which is a large improvement over coffee all day long. I sleep better than I was before, and when I can't sleep it's because of something good.

I am thankful for the last year but I wonder if things would have improved so much if I had left sooner than I did. Like when I called off the wedding. I can't help but think that things never would have gotten as bad as they did if I had stood firm when I called the wedding off. It was one of those things that is hard to explain.

I wonder why six months with no television felt like forever but now I can turn it off at will. It wasn't the first time I'd done without a television set and I wonder if it upset me so much because I left one I had paid for out of my own pocket behind. 

Well, I am wondering far too much so I'll end this post for now. 
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