Friday, June 3, 2016

Prompt: I Cannot Live Without

There are several things that I rely on daily, but finding something I cannot live without was difficult. The fact is that I have lived a number of things that are often taken for granted, some luxury, some not so much of a luxury.
Actually, there are things we take for granted as necessities here that some countries do without regularly. So in looking at the things I cannot live without I had to first eliminate a few things I do without because they aren't allowed on the lease or cost a great deal more than we can afford.

  1. Dishwasher and washing machine are both forbidden because the water bill is paid by management. The inconvenience of a laundry room, and having to keep change without transportation is difficult but not a complete disaster.
  2. A vehicle. Not ideal in an area without even a cab company but we manage.
  3. A husband. This is a plus not to have.
Now we examine what I cannot live without. Oddly enough there was nothing material that came to mind. I cannot live without a little blonde.

Is there something you cannot live without? Could you live without convenience if you had to?

This post was inspired by M3 and the Month of Prompts.

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