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How Much Space Do We Need?

Lately I’ve been reading and thinking about minimization a lot. There are a number of people that are downsizing for whatever reason. Reading about these people and how they’ve gotten rid of all the things that they considered weighing them down was amazing. The ways that these people have reduced expenses and become more self sufficient is amazing.

My question. How much space do we really need? At the moment I’m on just over 6 ½ acres of land in a three bedroom two bath home that is a bit past its prime. I have to wonder if I had the time or rather the tools since the ground is a bit hard if we couldn’t be mostly self sufficient out here in our little corner of the world. I mean at the moment we don’t use half of the land.

The majority of the land I’m on is fenced off for my neighbors horses. The reasoning is that I was tired of people waking me up because they were out. I have repairs that need to be done on occasion so I take them to the neighbor in exchange for not charging them rent. Of course if they’d have built a barn instead of a shop they wouldn’t have needed more room. No one asked my opinion however so I’ll leave that alone.

I have two pear trees that were here when I moved in eleven years ago now. I had wanted to have a house built out here on the part of the land that is now occupied by horses. I have never figured out how to get the house built, over the years things have kept coming up. The home we’re in now has a leaky roof and the back porch is rotten. The roof need replacing but even that won’t make me happy since it’s up off the ground and shakes whenever it thunders. I want something on a foundation.

The house I want has gotten smaller over the years. Well, there isn’t anything I can think of that will make it appear overnight so I’m going back to figuring out how to reduce all the things that we don’t need and become more self reliant.
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