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Thinking is Dangerous

I've been thinking a lot lately and that's a rather dangerous thing. I think that I want a larger computer screen, and a desktop computer. I think that I want a brand new laptop or a new battery and an upgrade for this one. I want more portable storage devices, I want to be able to print out the pictures that I want to print out anytime I want and get it right the first time. Most of all I want people to pay attention so I don't have to keep repeating myself.

I want to be comfortable. I also want to stop being so dependent on the power company. The biggest problem is that I can't afford any of those neat little solar items. Well, maybe a solar shower but I'd still have to have power to get running water. I have a private well, the pump doesn't work without water. I don't use a clothes dryer, it doesn't work at the moment and it took so long when it did that it was faster to hang the clothes out. I used to use both back when the light bill was still just over $100 if I used it everyday of the week. I also used it a very long time ago when the light bill came directly out of my boyfriends paycheck. That and if everything wasn't just so when he got home he went into a rage; although he seemed to have something against literate people believing books were a waste of time.

I have been doing more laundry by hand unless it's something that I need to make sure has been sterilized. I'm trying to potty train my toddler and I believe that cloth does the job faster than the disposable items do. I still don't like cleaning them but days like today it's worth it. Theresa got up before 8a.m. and at 10a.m. she was still dry! I'm so proud of her. I just wish I could find the chart that helps her to know the steps.

Ok that's as far as my thoughts are rambling today. I either need to go read some of my book or find an item to review.
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