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Wasting Time

My pest control is supposed to be done this morning so I'm trying to wait until after he's done to put the kid in the tub. I don't want to be in the middle of her bath and have to snatch her out of the tub when he gets here. She'd get rather upset. I reinstalled Firefox yesterday so I could get a tool bar that I needed and well, I'm really wondering why not all of my buttons and images are showing up in the browser. I can hover to find out what they are but that's a big waste of time when I get paid on being productive.

I also noticed that by hitting enter my cursor moves to the top of the page instead of down the page like it's supposed to. I have an article that I want to write but all these complications are rather irritating to say the least.

Theresa wasn't feeling well yesterday. To top that off we got snow and sleet which made for a freezing cold day. She was has fluid on her ear, we got her antibiotic and she feels a bit better today. I got her vitamin C in her but I have to wait until her daddy gets home to give her the rest of her supplements. He's good at getting them in her so we'll wait to let him get that fallout. Her prescription is Cherry flavored but she's not found of having it put down her throat either.

I keep turning the heat up because I'm freezing. I think I may start tomorrow by putting old blankets over the windows that aren't already covered. I noticed a draft coming from the electrical sockets too. Those are going to be more difficult to fix. I have income proofs to find for hubby. He's over forty you'd think he could find his own. I do everything almost and he wonders why I'm *ichy all the time. Geez, I wonder.

OK I've got to go throw the kid in the tub and try to get some work done since it's almost 9:30 and my pest control isn't here yet to provide my service. I'll be back later to amaze you with just how short my attention span it. 
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