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Minds wandering away again

Actually if my mind wanders any farther away I won't have one at all. My proud of me moment today came when I managed to refill my black ink cartridge without getting ink on the table. I did however get it on my hands and shirt in one small spot.

Theresa and I stopped at the grocery store after speech. I went over board a bit but I got what we needed. The store didn't have baby wipes or pull-ups so I went next door to get them. While I was there I noticed that the exact stain remover I'd just bought was about 40 cents less. I made a mental note not to buy it again if it was over $2.50, that is if it works like it's supposed to and get the stains out of my clothes.

I've gained a 6th of a pound since the 1st. OK so that's being a bit obsessive but that's my mind set at the moment. I think I want to go finish the degree I started but I don't want to have to physically sit in class. I'm looking into going online but I'm not sure a grant would cover that. I paid the difference when I withdrew that last time to keep from flunking so I may qualify. It's too late to do it for this semester b/c registration is almost here. I'd prefer to have online courses to prevent having to leave Theresa for an extended period of time. I went back to school with a child in day care and a job once, well that didn't go so well.

I'm trying to find information on CLEP tests and schools that take them. There are some other tests that I never took that I would like to take but I need time to prepare for them. I have to go renew my library card so I can check out the study guides for them. I don't want to buy the study guides and the local library loans books for a month at a time. I can't take Theresa in case she has an episode, I'd love to take her though. I wanted to do the summer reading program last year but we had summer speech so she couldn't participate.

I'm tired now and my mind is wandering a lot so I'm gonna go.
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