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Still Cleaning Things Out

I'm still cleaning things out and attempting to get rid of everything but what I actually use and will continue to use. That's easier said than done. About the only thing that I accomplished today was to do a load of laundry and start another one in addition to doing revisions that will probably be returned and writing one new article that was accepted within minutes. That wasn't how I wanted to begin the day but I take it as a lesson learned that next time I have five days to do something I'll take more than a day and make sure I've covered all my bases by proofing it more than twice as I write it.

I did remember to put some of the over concentrated five gallons of laundry soap that I made into a smaller vinegar bottle and dilute it just a little bit to keep from having to rinse the clothes twice for soap residue. At the moment I would have a load of jeans in the machine that I really need to find hangers to put them on so they'll dry. Funny thing is I only saw one or two pair of my pants in there. Guess this means that my next payday I have to come up with some clothes. I don't know where they went but I'd love to figure it out. I need new shoes but the thought of shopping for them makes me feel a bit ill.

OK that's all of my ramblings for the day it's time to hang the pants up.
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