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Another Year Another Birthday

Well, another year means yet another birthday. This year instead of not celebrating at all I decided to donate my birthday to charity. I managed to raise $90 which isn't too bad considering everyone that I know is broke as they can be right now. I'm satisfied especially since a few people are just waiting until payday to donate to my cause.

I'm supposed to take Theresa to a birthday party this afternoon and she's having a bad morning. She's in the tub now so hopefully that'll calm her down enough to go. I'll be able to spend a few hours away from the repairs that need to be done and articles that need to be written. That's my present to myself to have peaceful time away from here.

I did two short and sweet news articles this morning. I have some articles that I was working on for AC that'll wait until tonight unless I scrap them and start over. I have almost $49 at Helium to request for the next payday. I have almost $11 at TB which gives me enough to request payout.

I'm still searching for items that I need that qualify for free shipping. The things that I can not find here I will be paying shipping on but am looking for somewhere they cost less. The all in one training pants are high and I am on a budget so I'm still looking for those here.

OK I've got to get ready to go so I'll end this now.
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