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No focus

I have no focus. I have three windows open writing and one open to play games. No focus at all tonight. I really need focus since at the rate I'm going I'll be working 90 hours a week. Well, there are only 24 hours in a day and I have to sleep at some point. I have to work more than ever now. The first of the month is here and it's time to pay the bills again.

My tax refund should be here by the end of next month. Any other year they would be a much needed relief this year deciding where to spend it, actually on which repair and bill to spend it is making me a nervous wreck. So far the weather isn't terribly hot which means I have time to find an air conditioning solution. I know that I have no desire to repair the duct work since that would cost more than this place is worth at the moment with all the repairs needed on it. The well has been acting up and cutting itself off so I'm thinking about fixing that but I don't want to have to pay someone to come replace the pump. Plus that means having to clean out the shed and there isn't anywhere to put the stuff in it unless I tear down my back porch and take a crash course in replacing it.

OK my articles won't write themselves so I best get a move on. Tomorrow is a school day and we're expecting storms tomorrow night.
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