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Year Not Going as Planned

So far I've managed to do my Federal Tax return. We're getting a refund, maybe. There is an offset that has yet to be determined, once it is we'll get the remainder of the return. OK I was half expecting that since some things fell behind this year. If we'd had the money during the year to cover everything we wouldn't be getting a refund at the this time of year so all and all it evens out.

I ended up using an amazon gift card to purchase a new battery for my camera. The battery was $4.98, shipping $1.99 which came to $6.97. That's not too bad considering I'd have ran out half of that in gas trying to hunt down one around here. I'm going to spend a little time searching Amazon tonight for household items that I don't have the money for. Even with shipping using the gift cards is easier on my budget right now than buy things outright.

I have about five articles submitted at Associated Content waiting to be reviewed and an editorial/opinion piece that I'm working on to publish for PV's. I have to do some promoting and some more writing for them, even with the review time they pay fast once it's reviewed and I need the higher income rates at the moment. I'm in the process of preparing myself for taking on private clients once again.

My helium ad revenue balance = $4.96 since I hit cash out on the 13th of this month. I have to do some promotions to increase that number. I use wikinut on days when all my thoughts resemble diary pages because they have a section for that.

There is still $189 owed on the loans that is really starting to bug me. They have to be paid and paid quickly. They are taking money away from purchasing the things that we need however which is a pain in my neck. I miss having my other halfs check direct deposited but with that his name was on the accounts and he could access the funds. His lack of understanding of expenses makes this a rather dangerous thing. OK I'll be going now.
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