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Half over!

The week is about half over, at least the "typical" work week. My work week is far from over. Actually it's been a bit off. By that I mean that I'm lucky to get my notes done so far. Yesterday I had a sick child so there were only things that made he happy done.

At the moment I'm working on an editorial about a book I just read, it was supposed to be a review but I got lost so I may just leave it alone until I can think of something else to do with it. I still have my elephant note page open. Good thing I have a month before the request closes. I have one fact that gets left out because I want to write an article about it myself, I have some questions that I can't put into the article I took them for. I may not do that article at all, I might just don't know.

I do know that I need a different type of appointment book so I can highlight blocks of time instead of writing it in. This one will have to do until 2012 comes around though. I found my dictionary and thesaurus but I haven't found my highlighters yet. I don't know where they would have gone but I don't feel like buying more just yet. I did find my calculator during my search. I'll be taking work related items to therapy with us today so that I can get part of my stuff done.
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