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Nothing Fits Anywhere Anymore

I sat down and figured it out so carefully. Three blogs meant I kept on track at two of them and had one just to ramble away on when nothing fit the topics of the other two. Well, today nothing really fits because I'd have a couple tiny post or either one long rambling one. I chose to have a rambling one.

The recent changes to my income required yet another change to my working habits that is not welcome but I'm not forced to go back to private clients just yet. I'm putting that off until I get the new battery for the laptop so I can actually work on the go instead of being tied to this desk to be half way productive. These days half productive is all that I can muster. I didn't feel like doing a load of laundry and guessing at today's weather so I hand washed the shirt that I intend to wear tomorrow. I know lazy but I'm tired.

I finished up a 900 word article this morning, ran the grammar and spelling check then ran it through copyscape. After all that work I put the article back to sit for a couple hours as I worked on three more for something else. I plan to edit it this afternoon when my mind is fresh for it. I noticed lately that after I publish I go back and find the tiniest most annoying typos that have been overlooked by everyone involved and I'm sick of it.

I'm also sick of being tired all the time and of having to play catch up each and every month as the bills roll in with no sign of relief in site. The increase in gas prices is getting to me as well. I have to make more laundry soap tonight. I"m exhausted so I'll be going now.
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