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Time Change Is Tonight

The time change is tonight. We get to push the clocks up one hour and in theory lose an hour. Now exactly where does that time go until we turn the clocks back an hour to regain it? Does it float in space just waiting for us to find it again? I don't think it does but you never know.

The time change means that I have (supposedly) more hours of daylight to go out and work in the yard. It also means that the unbearable heat will be here soon. That means no more freezing nights but it also that the air conditioner is going to have to come on at some point running my light bill up once again. I'm not looking forward to that particular part of the summer. I am looking forward to some repairs being done since my other half seems to have a sudden interest in fixing things long neglected.

The trees that are right against the back of the house and the one blocking the shed door are the first ones to go! I'm kind of excited but I also dread being able to access the siding that needs replacing. This is gonna be fun. I may have to cover it up myself once the back porch is pulled down and a set of steps temporarily takes its place so that we can get in and out of it.

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