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Unproductive and Hot Day

Today has proven to be both hot at 84 in my living room and only a small 58 word article written. All my shade is on the side of the house without window screen. Two windows open in the shade would make all the difference in the world. We got one open, just had to move the television set for a moment. Now if we can find a new home for the set it'll be great! I'm wondering whose bright idea it was to face this place so that the most windows were toward the afternoon sun when everyone knows that it's the hottest part of the day? I want awnings over the windows but I want them on a new home and not this place. It's falling apart, and I don't have the energy or the heart to even begin the repairs that would buy another few years out of it.

It's cooler in Theresa's room, even though it's on the front of the house and the window is closed for lack of a screen and my nerves. There is no carpet in her room which means the heat isn't sucked into it making it unbearable. If I could move all of my desk into her room we'd spend the day in there. That is if she'd cooperate since her ceiling fan creates enough of a breeze to make her room a good choice. I'm spoiled to air conditioning especially living without natural shade to provide a breeze.

Well, whining isn't getting it to cool off and there is a water leak under the house causing the light bill to run higher so I'll be figuring out what to work on next out of necessity. The funny part is the back yard has shade right now that'd be really comfortable to sit in but the back porch (which I use regularly to go in and out) is rotted. A few years ago I got a nice big front porch that I can't use because there is no shade. Don't you love it when people take it upon themselves to decide what you want?
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