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Out of Routine

We were out of routine all week long for one reason or another.

Monday- I put Theresa on the school bus only to get a call that she had gotten sick on the bus. I went to get her, cancelled her afternoon appointment and off to the doctor we went. Two hours later we were home.

Tuesday - We got up for an 8a.m. IEP that didn't happen due to server problems, go home start over with the day. We finish speech and they ask if the Wednesday afternoon ABA appointment can be moved to 8 to 10 in the morning. We arranged for the therapist to meet me at the IEP and I made plans for after.

Wednesday - We meet the ABA therapist at the school for the IEP meeting. It took all of thirty minutes and I picked up an application for the actual Head Start program instead of the disabled preschool program. Then we went to the store with our therapist instead of leaving Theresa in pre-school for the day so we got the full two hour session.

Thursday - We didn't have speech because to fit in the changes in occupational therapy we moved the session to 10:30 in the morning. The speech therapist had an appointment so we didn't have speech. 2:00 we met a new OT and the sheet said "will call" where the time and date of the next appointment was supposed to be. That could mean that I either misunderstood that it would be the same time every other week or they are going to keep changing it around.

Friday - We had our regular speech appointment and they told me they are closing next Friday b/c of all the cancellations during Spring break. It was then it dawned on me that they didn't always remember that she's in school.


No matter how many times I fill out the forms that I'm self employed people forget and assume I have no job. Could that be because we always rearrange schedules to accommodate and keep therapy at the frequency and intensity that it is now? Summer speech recommendations have not been made for the school yet. That means in a few months I may have to rearrange schedules again. Next year even if she doesn't get accepted to head start (they have to be potty trained and it's been a problem) Theresa will be at preschool four mornings a week. I will have four days to work on my writing and hopefully see an increase in income. Therapy will have to move to the afternoons. The Head Start serves breakfast, a snack and lunch to the children. Everyone but me is comfortable enough and thinks she's ready. I would be nervous because she's the baby and I don't actually like it when she's gone.


Fill out application for Head Start, get the doctor and the dentist to fill it out. Find proofs then wait. Closer to start of the new school year - rearrange therapy. Make work schedule for the new school year and take school holidays off.

Learning Curve-

Extreme couponing's premiere was an eye opener. I don't need a two year supply of things but I do need to be able to cut my grocery/household item expenses so I'll be running an experiment to see just how low I can get those bills. I do believe that I can get some articles out of the act of reducing expenses without doing without.

That's about it for the day. Theresa is trying to convince us to put on Caillou because she's four and waiting is not her strong point. I'm concerned about the light bills again since it's supposed to be 89 outside the next two days meaning the air will run constantly just to make it possible to stay in here all day. Now I have to go put my used printer cartridges in the mail for recycling.
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