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Something has to give

I've been searching for things to write about and coupons for the past two weeks. I saw a posting yesterday where someone wants articles about coupons. So I'm going to write articles on coupons and put them on the site for purchase. If nothing else I'll have more articles in my portfolio to show potential clients and I could make some much needed money in the meantime.

I've also gotten my next shopping trip almost planned. I have the items I need by store, because some stores take Internet coupons and some I'm not sure about. Other stores double coupons, so I'm taking the ones I need doubled to the one that doubles the highest value of coupons. I have a budget in mind and I think I'll be able to meet it with my coupons which I organize by expiration date. I have some with long expiration dates that I plan to hold onto until they are on sale.

I plan to purchase a paper this Sunday because there are coupons for products we use and I haven't read it in a while, so It'll be my treat this week. I only need one copy. I'm considering calling the local office to find out what they do with the leftover papers and inserts. I don't want thousands of coupons just a few of the ones that don't expire for a few months and I love the ones that don't expire for a year or two after issue.

OK it's almost time to get ready to leave so I'll be going. I'm gathering what I need to get accomplished in that half hour so that I can be productive while we're gone. I'll be taking the recycling off next weekend. I have a lot of it scattered around the house. I'm still working on minimizing but I think I'll start with the things that earn first, and the recyclables so that everything is done in a certain order.
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