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Swagbucks and Coupons

Well, I have to pay more attention. I use swagbucks for a lot of my search needs (the majority actually) to earn Swagbucks that I then cash in for Amazon gift cards. Well, I knew they had coupons but I wasn't paying close enough attention. They offer the same coupons as other sites, printing and redeeming the ones on the site earns 10 swagbucks each. I can run my totals up for gift cards faster and save on items that we use everyday.

Example the 30 cents off French's mustard will make it 70 cents at my local dollar store where it sells for $1. That 70cents makes it cheaper than the generic brand. If I take the coupon to a store that doubles them then it becomes worth 60cents and the bottle is roughly 40 cents per bottle. I can buy two at that price and still save some money while getting us enough mustard to last about month maybe more. There are some items we've been needing that a savings with coupons and earning swagbucks could make possible.

I have a Kmart reward card too that I keep forgetting about, and they give you cash back on purchases with it's use. I think I'll start checking Kmart sales since it's closer to my house and see if I can build up enough cash to help pay for other purchases during the year, especially Christmas.

I found one of my youngest diaper bags over the weekend. It only has a slight rip along the top, other than  that it's in perfect condition it is also insulated. It'll work as a sort of small cooler to take some drinks and lunch with us on the days that we have a long wait between therapy appointments. The fact that it has a shoulder strap will make life that much easier for us when we go out of the house. There are somethings that we take for a fast lunch, and a full size bottle of juice should fit in her bag. If I'm not mistaken there is a park close to therapy that we can stop and have lunch at. I believe it has bike trails also. I'll google it later to see if my plan for having a picnic there one day a week is feasible.

I seem to have coupons and saving money on the brain. As summer gets closer and I'm sure my income will be a bit lower I have stocking up to make it through the summer on my mind as well. I just need to find a few non-perishable items to stock up on, and then add a few fresh fruits and vegetables. I'm considering canning to make it through the summer/winter. Whichever but I don't have the time for a garden.

OK I'm off to create my savings plan, play a game and go back and forth between articles to see just how much I can accomplish today.
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