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Learning Something New

I recently decided to give hubpages a try. I can remember reading that it takes about a year and at least thirty hubs (probably not in the same place) to start seeing visible income. All I know is that it's fun but I'm not sure why my last do hubs aren't rated as high as the first one. The last one was the lowest rated on meaning it has the lowest hubscore. Maybe it'll come to be sometime in the future. In the meantime I'm going to work on the two articles that I want to submit to Yahoo Network. Those are out of my head too and who knows maybe they will give me an idea for something to do on hubpages.

I decided that I don't like Squidoo. I don't know why but I'm not sure the pages look as nice as the ones on hubpages. I have no idea what to create a hub about next, I'm wondering if I should take a look at what I've written in the past and go from there.

I made two pies yesterday out of pudding and I'm thinking that next time I'll see if I can't make them a bit cheaper. The pie crusts where a dollar each and the four packs of pudding were 2/$1 for $2 pie isn't that bad. I wanted something cold in this heat. So far today I managed to finish a hubpage from yesterday and complete one today. I think I have an idea for another based on two years of the old man being left unemployed.
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