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Finally Figuring it Out!

The idea of placing my Autistic four year old in Head Start caused so much stress that I changed my mind half a dozen times. At one point I decided to Home School this year since she has another year until Kindergarten. Well, she quickly proved that to be a bad idea, at least for now. I decided to send her back to PHP. Well, I changed my mind about that too. They could take a look at her later in the year but they could not guarantee a spot in Head Start so I went back to my original decision to place her there.

The requirement for potty training was the only thing keeping her out last year. Well, we finally managed to get it where she goes on a schedule and we haven’t had any accidents during the day. That is a point in her favor. I’ll know for sure by the 25th of August if she’ll stay in Head Start or have to go back to PHP. I’m hoping that the 7:45/8 a.m. until 2:30pm long days will not be too much for her. There is still a problem with scheduling private therapy especially since the person that does the scheduling is not returning my phone calls.

Theresa has been preparing herself for school this week. Her oldest sister, my step daughter, was supposed to come down this week but preparing for college in the fall had to take top priority. She’s gotten everything together and maybe during her next break she’ll be able to come down. Theresa has seen her once since she was born because she lives so far away.

Theresa has three complete outfits for the new school year. I have to buy her some more but I’m tired of feeling as if I’m on a treasure hunt for them. My tiny child is in a 3/4T pants and the smallest I saw was a 3. She doesn’t know how to buckle a belt, oops. I found a solution, jumpers since they pull over her head! The size 4 jumper fits just fine and when I tried it on her she said “princess.”

I think I’ve even figured out how to get her to and from school each day without the school bus. It’ll take her a little while to get used to my taking her each day but I think we can do it. I’ve been working on some income goals and some writing goals for when school is back in session. 
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