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Wouldn't it be nice if things really were random? I like to think that sometimes they are but it usually seems more like every detail was plotted and planned to the very last detail. I'm not sure at times how I feel about that. Sometimes we meet people that make us feel amazing and other times those same people can make us feel like death warmed over as if they were sucking the life out of you. Then there are those that you meet and you feel as if you've known them forever.

Why is it that these connections are made? I have no idea, I'm seriously asking because it seems strange to me how one minute someone can be a stranger and the next minute they can be your best friend. I have no idea but I know a few years ago I never would have asked this question.

Life is kind of like a play with a bad script most of the time. I have no idea what but things just seem to work out like that. I'm sorry that there is always something that has to come first though. I would love to live a life where all I had to do was enjoy myself but that's not realistic.

I seem to be rambling so I'm just gonna stop.

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