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The Weekend is Here!

I love it when we have a morning speech appointment that means I get to end my day sooner and get back to work. Now I Today though I'll be getting to the laundry to ensure that it and my dishes are all caught up. I have to hang the clothes in the back since the grass isn't cut and I'm hoping that it's going to get cold very soon.

I have decided that no matter how hot or cold it is I won't be going to the stores in the middle of the night for anything any more. I decided that watching a news report earlier in the week, some lady had her purse stolen in the Wal-Mart parking lot while loading her bags in broad daylight. I can't afford anything to get stolen. I have to keep a better eye on things and stop going to the store by myself with just me and Theresa. I may be getting a bit paranoid but that's alright too. I can be paranoid if I want to be.

I never used to be paranoid, I used to go everywhere in the middle of the night just because I could. I need to be sure that with all that I have to do that I'm not trying to recover from a traumatic experience though. I have to catch up my laundry so that I can go back to what my intentions were at the start of the last school year. I was going to wash everything that I could by hand to reduce the electrical costs, cut down on our water usage and enable myself to clean out our closets without doing away with enough clothing to last us during the week. I've been looking at a drying rack that stands over the bathtub for some time now. I've also been looking at wash boards to do the laundry the way they did before the washing machine as invented. There is also this plunger looking thing that allows you to do laundry in a bucket without having to hand scrub each items.

Well, if I'm gonna do all this I really got to get a move on. So I'm gonna be going for now.
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