Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mistakes and More Mistakes

It would that mistakes always pile up like an avalanche once you make the first one. It's not always easy to admit that you have made a mistake but when you do it's something that you have to learn from. The lessons that hurt the most are the most valuable to you even when you do not realize it at the time you are learning them.

Another painful lesson for me and I'll wear yet another scar with pride. I don't know how long it'll take this one to heal but I hope it's not long. I can not bear the thought of what I am about to do but I know that it is for the best. I just have to find the strength to do it. I may still change my mind about it.

I seem to have backed myself into a corner that I'm sure I want out of. I would be packing up to go away yet again. This time I will not be back for a very long time. I have no idea how long I will be gone but I know that I can not continue to live this way. I have things to do and people to take care of but only a few things that I actually care about here.

I never wanted to spend my life here and now I'm going to get the chance to correct being stuck here. I just hope that I make the most of it this time. I'll spend the morning listening to "The Broken Promise Land." While it's a bit depressing sadly it has a ring of truth. Oh well, that's life and nothing can be done about it.

I'll be going now that I have it permanently in my memory to play over and over like a broken record.
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