Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Preparing to Rebuild

I am getting ready to start life over once again. I must say I do believe that I am getting a bit old to be doing this for the millionth time but that's alright too. I am strong and I have proven it time and time again. I am currently waiting for my last project which I finished a week early to be approved and paid. Then this afternoon a new project should be funded and waiting. In the meantime I wrote a few quick articles this morning and am currently as you can see updating my blogs in an effort to stay on top of everything and relieve some tensions since I seem to have missed my friends this morning. Oh well they have lives and there is always tomorrow, most of the time.

Of course the fact that tomorrow doesn't always come is something that I becoming increasingly and painfully aware of as I get older. There are days that I wonder if those that have gone on knew how much I loved them. I also sit and wonder if those that are still here truly know how deeply I care for them. I get a bit scared sometimes that I have not done enough to let them know just how much I love them and how greatly they have impacted my life.

Have you said "I love you" today?
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