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I am very frustrated right now at all that is going on. My income is dropping drastically so I am frantically working harder in an effort to make up for it. There are so many things that I need right now, basic needs not luxuries like a vacation although I will not complain if I make enough to take one. I am going back and forth between work venues at the moment in an attempt to spread out my income in the event that something falls short as is often the case if you are too dependent on one thing. I have spent years working from home and the thought of having to leave home and go back to work in the traditional workforce is a rather terrifying one for me. I never actually enjoyed that world for long so it will be a bit of a trauma if I am forced to go back.

I would be tired of looking in my closet and realizing that most of my clothes are falling apart. I would like to have clothes that do not make me look homeless, or at least clothes without large holes in them places I would rather not have holes. I was thinking of buying some patches to iron on the ones that I wear daily around the house and leaving the ones in good condition for special occasions. The problem is that I do not have special occasions, only mommy occasions that while always special are never planned.

I would also need to have presentable clothes in the event that I decide to go back to the traditional work force a few hours a week to ensure a more stable income. It is frowned upon to go to a job interview looking like you rolled out of bed and dressed for a weekend drunk. I would also be frustrated that when I need to think the most these days my mind is a total blank.

People keep telling me that things such as the brakes on the car working on a sometimes basis is my imagination and that they are fine. Last time the brakes went out after they kept telling me that. I will be getting a second opinion. I am frustrated that I can not make a decision to save my life these days and I am really frustrated that I would be updating this blog to talk about frustrations. I will be going now but I will be back soon to figure out more things.
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