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Looking Forward to the Weekend

Speech therapy has been moved up from 1p.m. to 11a.m. today. I am hoping that since I get to start the weekend earlier than normal I will find myself more productive than usual during the next two days. I have set some small goals to accomplish this weekend as a result of it beginning early. I am focusing on my family, home and work this weekend. I intend to get a good deal of work done as I clean up around this place and practice handwriting and other skills with my youngest daughter. She is the only one at home and it is time she got outside to play some before it gets too cold.

I intend to see how many of my articles I have cross posted and do some edits to put others in more than one place. As soon as I figure out which ones I have already done so that I am not duplicating work. The goal is to use the old articles to inspire new ones. I plan to re-post five at a time (with edits), then work on one original to submit for well that hasn't been decided yet. If I do editorials they are display only, if the articles inspire something that is not they will be submitted for upfront payment first to ensure I am keeping the possibilities open. Starting with today through Sunday that is at least 15 re-posts and three new articles. I don't see a problem with that.

I also intend to type up a few pages out of the diaries that I want to get rid of in order to have the material for use in short stories and a short ebook. There are several of them so this project is going to take a while but I hope to get some of it done this weekend. I also intend to read a few pages of "Wife No. 19" since I have been neglecting it the past few months. I intend to read another chapter in the other book I am reading this weekend as well.

It's not much but it is a start, if I can stay away from the blogs I should do well. I'll be back soon.

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