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Random Thoughts

Random thoughts can be a good thing at times. Then there are times when those random thoughts can get you into trouble. Those random thoughts that go through your head can lead to questions. Sometimes those questions give you a solution and other times they cause you problems. Blurting things out at the worst possible time is something that I'm rather good at and unfortunately that is not a joke. So my responses are not always appropriate but they're mine and I can't deny them. I just cover my mouth when I realize how inappropriate some of the things that have just came out of it are.

Wednesday morning it was pretty out and I was sitting at my computer while my kid ate breakfast before I put her in the tub and prepare her for the morning at preschool. I was going to keep her home this year but she needs socialization. Who knew a couple hours a day with other kids could do so many wonders? I am thankful for Autism today. That's not always the case but today is one of those clear, good days where she is focused and it reminds me that the world is full of endless possibilities. It also reminds me that there are worse things than Autism.

One of the little girls in the baby's preschool class was born with half a heart. Literally. I could cry every time I think of her. The doctor's told her mother that she would never make it and told her she had a decision to make and she needed to make it in a hurry. She would always wonder if her precious baby would have lived so she had here and now she spends her days enjoying the time that she knows all too well is limited.

And now that I'm about to cry I'll be going.
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