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Starting With the Big Stuff

I have been on a mission to take my house back over. I am getting divorced and I need to be focused on paying for it while still meeting basic needs. I am but in the meantime I am taking advantage of the fact that I do not have a current upcoming deadline to meet to get rid of the things that I do not need. 

I went to looking through old messages this week to find out what I was looking for when it came to filing my divorce papers without the need of a lawyer. I may have to hire one anyway just to make sure there are no tiny mistakes that can hold me up or invalidate the forms. This is irritating as it can be. Even more irritating is the fact that I realize November will be a year since I decided I wanted a divorce initially. Actually the end of this month because it was last Halloween when we got in a fight and he left to stay in a hotel over drawing the joint bank account by several hundred dollars for about the fifth time. Well, I told him I would never forgive him and I wanted a divorce. I got some speech about he knew I was going back to my ex-husband for the sake of my oldest daughter and he didn't blame me. He said he understood.

No it wasn't true. It was and is a guilt tactic. Either way I didn't file for the divorce then and for whatever reason I did not use my income tax return to file for it either. I was looking for the papers today and I think I found the right ones to use as a template if you don't look at the fact that they do not have a place for child custody and I need to find out if the name change files separate or with it. I know I need to have everything done at once in order to spend as little as possible. I have to call the clerks office but as fate would have it I can not find the correct number. 

While I search for all the information I need and try without luck to locate the number to find the filing fee I clean the house. I was looking at lawyers this morning and well an uncontested divorce without children still starts at $250 without the filing fee. I am a bit disgusted at the fact that the light bill I paid this month would have covered the majority of my divorce. Last time I filed one it would have been $500 to start. I had that but now it's gone. I'm in need of money and so I'm writing anything I can think of to write about when my mind is clear as I clean the house in hopes of clearing my head.

I have a few large items to throw out because they are broken and some items that need to be recycled. Those will have to wait until the rain stops because while I want them out I do not intended to get soaked taking them away. I will focus on the things that can be boxed up and moved out of the way to get those things out of the house in the meantime. Now I really do have to get to work. 
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