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When It Rains It Pours

Well, at the moment I would be sitting in my local library watching the ticker at the top of the screen to remind me that my session is coming to a close. My computer tore up or I would not be here. It is more expensive for me to come here than to pay for Internet at home with the cost of gas, etc. I had to be in town today anyway so I decided to stay in town instead of going home and coming back one I ran my errands. I will be taking my little girl to McDonald's today since her lunch would not stay edible in the car all day. I"m going to check out a couple of books for her while I'm here and maybe one or two for me to help kill the time until I can get back to work. I have a book for pleasure but nothing to make me think and my mind is growing dull without interaction.

OK I've got to check my email and send email while I have the advantage of a full keyboard once again. I have no idea when I will make it back and I can not effectively work with so little time to think. I do enjoy the larger screen they have here with the new computers though.
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