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It Sure Doesn't Feel Like Christmas

OK so a while back I transferred all my posts to Word Press to get a blog there started without losing all of these. With much thought I decided to maintain these three, my weebly and the word press instead of doing away with them all but the Word Press just yet. I have had a lot of ups and down this year, I'm hoping that next year is uneventful and boring.

A year with just one funeral is one too many. I wrote an opinion piece of sorts this morning. After spending most of the week trying to wake up I had to get the emotions down and instead of keeping them to myself I put them out for the world to see. It was an article about the Reality of Death I'm sure some will disagree but I don't care right now. It is all true. I buried a friend I've known since the 5th grade this week, she was one day younger than I am. She had been through a lot, she had six children and buried two of them. Her mother has breast cancer, over a year ago they were told they only had six months left with her in the best case scenario. Her mother is still here still fighting but her daughter, best friend and caregiver went to meet her Heavenly father and be reunited with her angel babies as a result of a car accident.

I finally gave up on waking up to find this was all a bad dream. Now I am attempting to move forward and forget that I wish I could see her one last time. The last time I saw her I was picking on her because she still drove with two feet, she had an automatic. She told me that's why she never learned to drive a stick, she didn't have enough feet. That was back in July. I had no idea I'd never see her again and it is best that way.

Meanwhile I am working straight through the holidays in an attempt to end the year with money in my bank account. I have to reopen my savings account for a rainy day and increase my income. This broke thing is no longer cute or interesting enough to call an adventure.
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