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Spread Thin

I feel spread a bit thin but it seems that is the way that I like it. When I moved over to Word Press I thought that I would leave these three blogs behind but I don't seem ready to do that just yet. So in order to keep myself sane I am writing posts as they come to my head. I am often rambling endless thoughts out loud just to hear intelligent conversation so I'm writing them down now.

I spent most of the Christmas vacation working as much as I could. I still have worries of the New Year being thin on funds but that is a hurdle that I will jump when I get to it. I have an appointment book for the New Year that luckily for me started its dating a few days earlier so I could go ahead and leave the one for this year in the drawer. Seeing my appointments all in one place is something I enjoy, it keeps me focused and lets me know just when I can work and can not.

OK two calls about appointments, or about the same appointment rather. First they call to cancel it then apparently they can not read their own system and call to confirm it. What the heavens? And to make it worse they are the rudest of all appointments. Of course this would have been the last one and I am rather glad that it was cancelled. Now I wish I had not scheduled that OT appointment in the morning but we need it. Now to remind myself to tell the OT not to throw away the kid's treats. She meant well and I see what she was trying to do but they cost money. We need an alternative to throwing them away.
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