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Dreading Kindergarten

Next fall the baby goes to Kindergarten. I’m not looking forward to it at all. I mean she started school at 3. That means by the time she reaches Kindergarten she’ll have spent two and a half years at the preschool. Time that was originally supposed to be spent at home with mommy; then we got her Autism diagnosis. The rules all changed and now it’s time to transition from the special needs preschool to what I’m hoping will be a mainstream Kindergarten class.

April is when we go back to Dr. Cotter to have her Autism re-evaluated. The appointment is in April because the woman did not hear me ask for a June appointment; that or she wasn’t listening. I am not looking forward to the visit with Dr. Cotter. I do not care for her at all. That however is a different story.

This summer we will focus on therapy and the recommendations from this re-evaluation. We’ll be hoping that the diagnosis have improved again. I’m hoping that those green sheets are all positive. The therapists, the teacher, me and her daddy all need to do one. I think. I’m not sure that is enough. Last time the green sheets took a while to get back, we had our appointment during Christmas break.

Kindergarten is a full day? I think, and I’m not ready for that. I know it’s silly but I dread sending her out of the safety of the small class (6 to 7 kids to 2 teachers) and into a full class with what is it 30 kids to one teacher? I’m sure she needs an aid but will that be enough that she doesn’t have to repeat the year?? I don’t think that she’ll have to.

I think that she’ll need an OT in Kindergarten though. She needs to get dressed by herself. She tries when she wants to, her clothes are on backwards but that’s cute. She needs to learn that she has to get dressed before she leaves the house. Then there is writing which like every other skill we learn is something she needs to be able to do in more than one place.

Well, I guess I have a few months of this school year, then the entire summer to get used to the idea of my little one in Kindergarten. 
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