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Plans - Maybe

I used to make plans and more often than not something went wrong with them. Usually that something was someone popping up and not leaving so I could go. Other times it would storm or something would tear up so I never made it to my destination. I finally gave up and stopped making plans all together. I even stopped making plans for working because despite asking people numerous times to give advanced notice before coming out there were always pop up visitors when I was the busiest.

Now that the constant interruptions are gone I can work. That is if I can keep work lined up and deadlines met. I have to make some repairs so that this place lasts a bit longer because the day I get to replace it appears to be slipping further away. I spent some times making plans for repairs; the order they get done in depends on the cost and the time involved.

There are a lot of repairs and cosmetic issues that require attention. Hopefully they will be taken care of a little at a time. I have a few things to work with so I’ll be hunting down more materials. I need some more tools though and that is going to be an initial expense. I need a saw, nails, etc……materials, paint, siding and tile.

My shed even needs repairs, and I need a new shed. I wanted some things for my yard but I have never gotten them done. I have to save some money while paying the bills and taking care of little bit. This is going to be fun. I’d love to plan sitting down to do my taxes but that is going to take some time since I have yet to see a 1099. I’m hoping to get a refund to take care of some things. I have to file injured spouse to get my money from it and sadly that’s the only plan that is solid at this point. 
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