Friday, February 10, 2012

What are Friday's Going to Be Like?

When school begins we will lose our Friday spot for speech. It's being eliminated to prevent checking my child out in the middle of the school morning. That means that we'll have one day that doesn't have any therapy involved at all. Before that happens the speech therapist has decided to work every other Friday at some point in the near future. 

I'm looking forward to it. I can remember when we didn't have five days a week of therapy and I loved those days. Little bit made faster progress after we went to five days though. I'm tired and the fact that we've reduced one therapy to every other week is a blessing to me. It's a blessing to my lack of work time too. In fact that every other week therapy session will be eliminated soon. Only one session to go. 

When school starts we will likely eliminate ABA whether we want to or not. The time slot isn't going to work with a full day of school to allow the kid to socialize. We should keep four days of speech hopefully. I'd be happy with two but Theresa wouldn't and well I like the therapist. 

OK I see Friday's are going to be strange over the summer. During the school year it won't be any different b/c it'll be another day the kiddo is at school and I'm working or cleaning house. I have to print out things for her to do and all this good stuff. The new school year kinda caught me off guard. 
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