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End of the School Year Plans

OK the end of this school year is going to be interesting. This year not only will Little bit have an end of the year program that I'm not sure what month it is in but my oldest has a 6th grade graduation. I'm hoping they aren't on the same day, or at least not at the same time. Little bit is going to the graduation with me. If I remember right her end of year program is in the morning before noon. Graduations are typically in the evening unless it's for kindergarten, then they are in the morning. Seven years apart and in different school systems would make like interesting.

I have a twelve year old and a five year old in school this year. I wish that they were in the same school system. I have had little bit in the public school system since she turned three years old and we have been to very few activities; there is either not enough notice or it's not something we can all go to and she likes her dad to be included. Miracle league registration I missed because the deadline came and went without any money to pay the registration. Then there was the insurance information that I needed to have and that always confuses me when it comes to filling out forms.

My last payment is gone as groceries, gas and other things ate it. I am having a payment issue at one place; not actually a payment issue but upgrades that made it impossible to check my balance there. I had a temporary solution from them but now I have to send them another email. I have more to do there once they work out the bugs.

I've been attempting to cut grass but then it rained before I got through. It's cold out right now which would be ideal to cut without getting too hot but the ground is wet and you don't cut wet grass for a number of reasons. I am trying to start planning for gas to get to the end of year program, I may need to invest in a tire or two before then too. I have to make an appointment for my nerves.

Well, I have to check and see if I have work. I feel horrible today sleepy really. I'm going to go see if there is work that I can do then go back to bed, if not I'll go back to bed first I've been up two hours.
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